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I am learning about skills that are foundational for my students. This information will help me to better support them, so it is very important to me that I truly understand what I am learning. The course is well-structured for that. The materials and assignments challenge me to ensure that I am practicing the skills and processing them deeply. I feel that I am gaining valuable insights.

Phonemic Awareness

Overall Courses
«These courses are well structured and organized. The lessons follow a logical pattern and build on each other. It is possible to learn quite a bit within a short period of time that will be most useful in the classroom. I have really enjoyed taking them!»

Math Teacher
Phonemic Awareness
«This was a challenging course for me as I do not teach reading, but the materials really helped a lot.»

Caterina C.
«This course has helped me, a middle-level educator, raise my awareness toward phonics instruction and assessment. Comprehension has always been high on my radar and I have many books on this. Only a few, even mention phonics as a target for assessment and analysis. «

I enjoyed the discussions and different points of view. I thought there were some very good resources that I have already started using in my own teaching and will continue to reference in the coming year.

«Reflecting on current practices and interacting with colleagues to share ideas for teaching comprehension was a very valuable learning experience for me. I intend to utilize many of the strategies identified in class readings, as well as those mentioned by colleagues in their postings.»

«It was quite eye opening for me to learn about all the factors that go into being fluent readers. Additionally, I found the information provided around strategies and instruction quite helpful and functional. I see myself implementing many aspects of this course in my teaching.»

Course Participant
«The instructor is always available and responds to questions very quickly. She also demonstrates a most kind and caring attitude toward the students.»

«In my opinion creating a comprehensive vocabulary plan for my classroom was the most valuable. I also really learned about and have a better understanding of tier two words which is essential to the Common Core standards.»

Course Participant
Integrating Essential Reading Skills
«I cannot express just how much I learned in such a short period of time; how challenging the course is; and how much I completely enjoyed the process!»

Integrating Essential Reading Skills
«I wanted to take this specific course, “Integrating Essential Reading Skills”: being able to address and reinforce skills while covering a lot of ground in a short time frame is perfect…»

Thank you for encouraging and motivating me to explore other methods and strategies to practice reading fluency.

«I absolutely loved the course and feel that I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this course to other teachers-I already have! For me, it was a great way to learn more about the common core and reflect on changes in teaching that have happened since I have been out of the classroom.»

Sarah Lane
I have found that students who are struggling and reluctant writers are more successful when given the option to use computers. I also am hoping to motivate the students who are stuck in a rut and who have experienced a more traditional approach towards learning vocabulary. I am eager to bring such dynamic tools back to the classroom.

Kristen Swanson
«It is amazing that I have been in the field for so long…and am learning these fascinating skills or techniques. I think that even middle and high school trained teachers should have MORE exposure to these foundations. I feel like I was denied a wealth of information due to the fact that I was trained as a middle and high school literature and humanities teacher.»

Course Participant
«There are so many new tools and strategies for phonemic awareness instruction (which I am taking away from this course) that will make me a better teacher for my second grade students. I»

Wilmington Public School Teacher
«I found the readings, videos and activities to be most valuable. It was very helpful to see the videos you produced. To read about it is important but to see it in action is essential.»

Course Participant
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different suggestions in the articles, from literature connections to nursery rhymes, and could picture how much fun the students would have as they were learning.