Dyslexia learning opportunity for schools


Research from the National Institutes of Health shows that around 1 in 5 people struggle with reading despite having average to superior intelligence. That means that in every classroom in the United States there are between 2-4 children who need help with reading, writing and/or spelling. Many of these students have dyslexia or another language based learning difference.

Fortunately, legislators across the country are instating laws to help struggling students receive effective reading instruction. Now more than ever it is crucial for your teachers to be highly knowledgeable about dyslexia, going well beyond letter reversals and spelling issues. That’s where CLOI comes in. We have developed a professional learning opportunity to help educators better support students with dyslexia. Topics covered include:

    • An Overview of Dyslexia
    • Classroom Red Flags
    • The Brain and Dyslexia
    • K-12 Instruction
    • Early Screening & Assessments
    • Dyslexia Legislation