CLOI delivers 8 and 15-hour online Self-Paced education courses for teachers, available anytime, anywhere. Each continuing education course is designed to provide content and strategies. They help foundational and k12 teachers achieve professional development goals in ELA and standards-based instruction. We provide a syllabus and a completion certificate. Each of these are generally needed by administrators to sign off on PDPs. (Check with your administrator for PDP availability.)

  • Start anytime
  • Work from anywhere
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Standards-based
  • Job-embedded
  • Cost effective
  • Content rigorous

Take control of your time. Save money. Maximize salary advancement. Place yourself on the leading edge of digital age standards-based instruction.

See Below for Course Offerings (New Courses Added Regularly)

  • SP Academic and Domain Specific Vocabulary

  • SP Balancing Literacy and Informational Text

  • SP Comprehension Assessment and Instructional Strategies

  • SP Fluency Assessments and Instructional Strategies

  • SP Gaining Phonics Knowledge for Instructional Use

  • SP Instructional Strategies for Phonological Awareness

  • SP Techniques to Address 5 Essential Reading Skills in the Classroom

  • SP Text Complexity Impact on Successful CCRS Part I