Commonwealth Learning Online Institute delivers 8 and 15-hour online self-paced education courses for teachers. Available anywhere, anytime, each continuing education course is designed to provide content and strategies to new and experienced foundational and K-12 educators to help them achieve professional development goals in ELA and effective classroom techniques. All our courses offer the opportunity to earn graduate credits for teachers and many are eligible for PDPs only.

Here are the benefits of CLOI’s online self-paced courses:

  • Start anytime
  • Work from anywhere
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Based on common sore state standards
  • Job-embedded
  • Earn credits towards degree programs
  • Salary advancement
  • Cost-effective
  • Rigorous content
  • Learn effective teaching techniques that apply to a variety of student learning styles
  • Incorporate new tools for the classroom that improve student learning by engaging students
  • Enhance your classroom management skills

Take control of your time, save money, improve teaching strategies, and more when you take advantage of digital age standards-based instruction.


Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, South Carolina

All CLOI online selfpaced courses are open enrollment. There is a two-step process that includes registering and pay for each of the following: content access with a facilitator and graduate credit registration with the credit offering institute. The admissions begins through the CLOI website portal at After completing registration with CLOI, registrants are provided a link for the credit offering institute.

state Certification Requirements

In the US, every state monitors the licensing and credentials of teachers within their county and school districts. Though many general requirements may be the same nationwide, there are conditions which must be met for certification and renewal that vary from state to state. We recommend checking your state’s Department of Education website for further details.

Why Self-Paced Learning?

Location Flexibility

Many professional development courses require participants to meet in person on evenings and/or weekends. Though this method of continuing education has its merits, scheduling can be tricky. Self-paced professional learning can be completed anywhere, and courses are designed to fit even the most hectic schedule. You can focus on one course at a time or several—the choice is yours entirely. 

Application of Theory

Self-paced online learning allows you as a teacher to embrace the real-world applications of theory through interactivity and multimedia. Educators can then harness the power of technology to bring these methods into the classroom environment.


Online learning is an excellent way to compensate for reduced access to teaching information and decreased time dedicated to tracking student progress. The practical advantages to teachers afforded by this method of study include workload reduction and time-savings. For example, our coursework utilizes a learning management system, which allows teachers to create lessons, assessments, and activities to be utilized directly with your students.

Time Flexibility

Teacher wellness is often dependent upon a healthy work/life balance. Self-paced education helps with time management by making it easier to juggle responsibilities in and out of the classroom. We understand that free time is hard to come by, and that is why self-paced 21st century learning is an ideal approach for participants with busy schedules.

Our online professional development courses work around your availability and not the other way around. Our programming itself has been built with respect to this as well—strategically crafted to remove content that is not relevant to the core course objectives. Every course has been designed to provide a focus on the introduction, implementation, and improvement of teaching strategies to maximize one’s abilities as an educator.


General Course Information and Policy

Graduate credit course requirements: Participants are required to be registered through CLOI and the partnering institute, complete each component of the online course within a calendar year, and achieve a passing grade. Guidelines for the courses are given through rubrics in each of the classes.

Course grade and transcripts: Official transcripts are sent from the academic partner institute. The grading d transcript request process is as follows:

  • Course participant informs the course facilitator of their course completion 
  • Withing a week CLOI completes the grade and uploads it in the course platform automatically informing the course participant
  • CLOI then submits grades to the partnering institute 
  • The academic partner’s timeframes vary, but two weeks is the maximum timeframe for our partners. 
  • Commonwealth Online Learning suggests that participants send in the transcript request as soon as they receive the grade from CLOI, but being careful to check off the box that states, ‘Hold for Grades’.. This will ensure the transcript is received promptly while avoiding receiving a transcript without a grade. 

Right of refusal: Commonwealth online learning has the right to disallow or even refuse enrollment for legitimate business and legal reasons.

Approval for use: Participants hold the responsibility to check with their state, district, or advisor to determine the manner Commonwealth Learning Online Institute courses, graduate offers, or hours will be applied.