SP Academic and Domain Specific Vocabulary








Vocabulary development is crucial for student success. During this course you will learn the difference between academic and domain specific vocabulary. You will learn instructional strategies to increase vocabulary acquisition in your classroom. The course requires a minimum of 15 hours of contact time.

Graduate Credit is an additional fee paid directly to the credit offering institute.

Additional information

Fee Information: If you wish to receive credit for the course there is an additional fee for the graduate credit through the credit offering institute. This requires you to agree that you understand you will need to register and pay the university directly for the graduate credit costs. The total for the course will be $195 with credit.

Read and Accept, I do not plan to earn graduate credit

Fee Structure

Each course has two fees if you are taking it for graduate credit: CLOI collects the content and facilitator fee and MNU collects the fee for the graduate credit. You will need to complete the registration through CLOI and then go to the link you are provided to complete the registation on MNU's site for graduate credit: https://cloiedu.com/midamerica-nazerine-university-registration/


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