Close Reading F-CLR-0720


This course begins in July 2020.

Close reading is a difficult practice to learn, even for experienced, adult readers. However, as we help our students approach text through a close reading lens, we will fulfill the expectations of state standards with all students. Close Reading can be extremely engaging, productive and confidence-boosting for the struggling reader and the advanced reader alike. The ability to read complex texts closely, thoughtfully and carefully is a key to future academic success. Throughout this course, students will see the practice of close reading as a vehicle to rigorous analysis of text through asking text-dependent questions, helping students make thoughtful inferences, and using multiple entry points to help bring students “inside” the text. Teachers will develop classroom strategies and techniques to gain optimal student engagement with challenging material. This course will culminate with the development of a week-long close reading lesson plan. The course is seven weeks in length and requires a minimum of 50 hours.

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