Building Vocabulary with State Standards F-VOC-0120


This course begins in September 2019.

Possessing adequate vocabulary knowledge has been shown to improve reading comprehension, which makes vocabulary instruction a necessary component of any classroom reading and literacy program. Whether students are high achievers or struggling with reading comprehension and communication, direct and indirect vocabulary instruction increases the general knowledge base that contributes to successful reading comprehension in school-aged children. This workshop is designed to help teachers and other educators learn new ways to extend the vocabularies of their students in order to help them become proficient readers and communicators. Throughout this course, participants will examine best practices for direct and indirect vocabulary instruction in order to build the breadth and depth of students’ vocabulary for comprehension. Participants will learn the importance of creating a word-conscious learning environment that encourages motivation and interest in learning new words. Participants will learn how to model and encourage independent word-learning strategies that students can apply while engaging in wide and varied reading. A specific focus on the recommendations made by the new Common Core Standards in English Language Arts will be explored, including the value of academic English, Tier II words, and using word families to teach vocabulary indirectly. By the end of the course, participants will have developed a vocabulary scope and sequence plan focusing on using technology to support vocabulary instruction and practice throughout the year.



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