Facilitated 3-Credit Courses

  • EDCI 8980 CRN: 12373 Supporting Phonemic Awareness
  • EDCI 8981 CRN: 12374 Instructing Phonics and Spelling
  • EDCI 8982 CRN: 12375 Developing Comprehension
  • EDCI 8983 CRN: 12376 Increasing Fluency
  • EDCI 8984 CRN: 12377 Building Vocabulary
  • EDCI 8985 CRN: 12378 Integrating Five Core Reading
  • EDCI 9151 CRN: 12379 Close Reading

Self-Paced Courses

  • EDCI 9232 CRN: 10156 Balancing Literacy & Informational Text
  • EDCI 9233 CRN: 10157 Text Complexity’s Impact on Successful CCRS
  • EDCI 9234 CRN 10158 Supporting Phonemic Awareness in the Classroom
  • EDCI 9235 CRN: 10159 Fluency Implementation in the Classroom
  • EDCI 9236 CRN: 10160 Developing Comprehension for Classroom Instruction
  • EDCI 9237 CRN: 10161 Academic and Domain Specific Vocabulary Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • EDCI 9238 CRN: 10167 Gaining Phonics Knowledge for Instructional Use
  • EDCI 9239 CRN: 10168 Integrating the Five Essential Reading Skills in the Classroom


Welcome to CLOI literacy courses! We are excited you will be taking this learning journey with us. Our instructors are eager to help you achieve your professional goals.

At this point, you have completed your course access registration. Course access begins three days prior to each course start date. You will receive a second email from our Moodle course site, which provides you with instructions to create your course site login credentials. If you do not receive this within 5 days, please send an email to register@cloiedu.com.

If you plan to receive graduate credit for the course you must register and pay for the credits with our credit offering institute directly. The instructions are below.

Click on the course title to be linked to the MNU course registration for the course you are registering for. You will be redirected to the MNU registration site where you will create a MNU login and pay for the credit cost of the course.