Integrating the Five Core Reading Components with State Standards F-INT-0519

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Course Overview

Reading is one of the most important
skills a student will learn in his or her academic career.  Having the tools to be a successful reader
has been linked to increased self-confidence, a greater motivation to learn,
and increased success across all academic subjects.  While there is no quick and easy path to
achieve reading proficiency, research indicates that there are five core areas that
teachers should focus on for effective reading instruction:  phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension,
vocabulary, and fluency.  In this course,
participants will explore how all of these core areas function together, with a
particular emphasis on assessment and how the state Standards
support these skills. As a final project for this course, participants will
develop a multidisciplinary, integrated reading unit aligned with the state Standards and complete with plans for incorporating technology.

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