Instructing Phonics and Spelling July 12 2018

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Course Overview


Along with phonemic awareness, phonics is a key component in reading success. While phonemic awareness is the understanding that the sounds of spokenlanguage work together to make words, phonics is the understanding that there is a systematic and predictable relationship between phonemes and graphemes, the letters that represent those sounds in writtenlanguage. “That direct instruction in alphabet coding facilitates early reading acquisition is one of the most well-established conclusions in all of behavioral science” (Stanovich, 1993). When explicit phonics instruction is incorporated into a student’s reading program, that student is much more likely to comprehend what they read, especially if that student is a struggling reader. In this course teachers will learn about the importance of direct phonics instruction as a part of a complete literacy program for all students. Participants will be introduced to various approaches to phonics instruction, Web 2.0 tools to help them teach phonics effectively, and strategies to remediate phonics instruction for struggling readers. Throughout the course teachers will engage in a series of quizzes on phonics and spelling instruction and complete a final action plan by the end of the course detailing how they will incorporate direct and systematic phonics instruction into their classrooms.

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