teacher online courses in Penfield NYWhat will CLOI bring to you? Individualized, job-embedded professional learning opportunities to apply for re-licensure, move across pay scale, and/or further your literacy instruction knowledge. Commonwealth Learning Online Institute provides online professional development courses for Penfield area educators which implement New York-specific standards coupled with technology tools, research-based assessments, and best teaching practices. Our learning opportunities offer teachers, schools, and districts convenient, job-embedded access to facilitated courses five times a year, and self-paced programs with open enrollment year-round. The courses are modified to provide an individual learning experience that addresses each teacher’s specific instructional needs.


We provide convenient, 24/7 access to job-embedded courses. Our goal is to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of every teacher, school, and district.

PD for your schedule

Continuing Education can be difficult to fit into your schedule. We developed rigorous online courses with built in flexibility.

Earn graduate credit

Register to earn graduate credit through our partner institutes for our facilitated and self-paced courses.

CLOI’s Journey

In 1986, the Stratford Foundation Inc. was formed with the goal of becoming a valuable educational resource for the community. After establishing the Commonwealth Learning Center in 1988 and the Professional Training Institute in 1992, Stratford came into the 21st century in 2010 when CLOI, the Commonwealth Learning Online Institute, was formed.

Since our early days we have increased our offerings and university partners to meet the needs of educators nationwide. Today our program includes both self-paced and facilitated courses, and our credit offering institutions have expanded to include Gordon College, Westfield State University, and MidAmerica Nazarene University.

After nearly a decade, our commitment to being a valuable professional development resource for the community is stronger than ever, and we work towards this everyday by providing exceptional learning for educators across the country. 

Penfield Area Courses Offered

Below are just some of the course topics we offer our Penfield educators:

  • Best Teaching Practices
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Comprehension Assessment
  • Close Reading
  • Domain Specific Vocabulary
  • Fluency Assessments
  • Text Complexity Impact
  • Developing Comprehension
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading Courses
  • Keys to Literacy Courses
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Professional Development
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Balancing Literacy
  • Writing Courses
  • Core Reading Skills
  • Baseline Seading
  • Essential Reading Skills


CLOI (Commonwealth Learning Online Institute) of Penfield, NY Enhances Your Teaching Skills

What is Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI)?

As you doubtlessly know, your teacher training doesn’t stop the minute you gain your education degree. There’s always inventive teaching techniques being developed that are well worth looking into, that might help your students grasp ideas better and take in more knowledge. At CLOI, we motivate Penfield teachers of all levels to accomplish their work even better through giving online courses in writing and reading teaching skills. We’re a non-profit independent professional development organization offering web based courses which can be easily done at your own pace.

The Benefits of Taking a CLOI Course in Penfield, New York

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute is focused entirely on aiding teachers teach reading and writing in stimulating and imaginative ways, which they might not have known about before. Our web based learning courses can be accessed from any sort of device, twenty-four hours a day, so you can learn when it’s right for you. Courses are available as “facilitated”, which means a professional takes you through your lessons, or alternatively as self-paced (which gives you regular access to an expert to deal with any queries). You get indefinate course access so you can go back to them time and time again in order to bring new teaching strategies to your classrooms. You can also gain graduate credits or professional development points (PDPs) which you can use for any further training.

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute courses have been fashioned expand on each of the previous lessons. They use practical examples and videos to assist you to learn the teaching procedures and generate ideas for presenting them to your students in a classroom environment. Our internet courses additionally meet the Common Core State Standards of learning goals.

The History of CLOI Penfield

CLOI is a part of the Stratford Foundation Inc. established in 1986 to aid students spanning various ages overcome learning problems, and teaching professionals understand how to do their work more productively. Commonwealth Learning Online Institute was in fact formed in 2010 to deliver useful online development to teachers and educators. The development of our courses started when we partnered up with an educational organization already vetted in the industry. This organization helped us to formulate 6 core facilitated reading courses.

It was then that we looked for universities who’d partner with us to offer graduate credit for our customers. Gordon College was the first one to come on board, and our initial six courses became available in 2012. These days our credit offering institutions have expanded to include Westfield State University and MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Our courses are readily available online via a tablet, laptop, desktop PC, or other mobile device. They are suited to Penfield school curriculum directors, administrators, principals and superintendents and can be utilized individually or in groups dependant on the requirements of the district or school. It does not matter where you’re at in your teaching development, our web based courses expand your knowledge and improve your teaching skills.

More Details On Commonwealth Learning Online Institute Courses for Penfield, New York Teachers

Right now we deliver online courses in self-taught and facilitated formats. Online writing and special education courses are under development. Our training helps tutors of all grade levels from foundational level up to 12th grade. The learning methods learned in each online course will prepare your scholars for college and way beyond.

Self-Paced Vs. Facilitated Online Courses

The facilitated format courses provide detailed training in a particular subject area over a seven week time frame. A trained, masters-level facilitator leads the course participants through each week in turn, establishing goals to reach as each lesson is completed. These courses should take between fifty and seventy hours to complete and earn you 3 graduate credits or 36 PDPs. Facilitated courses occur 5 times per year: Jan, Mar, May, July and Sept. The self-paced training courses provide much more convenience since you do them at your own pace. A facilitator is always there to resolve your queries by Email and also does grading if you’re taking the program for credits. Our self-paced courses should take anywhere between eight and 15 hrs to complete and participants earn a half to one credit.

What Online Course Topics Are Available to Penfield Teachers?

Our current online reading instruction courses focus on Integrating Five Core Reading Skills, Close Reading, Vocabulary Building and Instructing Spelling and Phonetics. They are designed so that you can introduce students to brand new techniques for grasping the correlation between words on a page and the sound of the words when spoken, and also how to become quicker readers. Our online products show a lot of educational examples that you’re able to apply to your own classes.

Earn Graduate Credits or Penfield, NY Professional Development Points

Due to our professional partnerships with Gordon College, Westfield State University and MidAmerica Nazarene University, each Commonwealth Learning Online Institute training course will earn you PDPs or grad credits to put towards your professional development. Each facilitated training course earns you 36 PDPs or 3 graduate credits while self paced courses earn a half or one credit. New courses earning 2 credits are being developed.

Choose Online CLOI Courses For Teacher Development in Penfield, New York

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute is committed to putting together online training courses that help the teaching community prep even more of their students for college and further education. Have a look through our latest catalog to learn which of our courses might be best for you, or call us today.

Online Teacher Professional Development for Penfield Educators
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Needham, MA 02494-3133


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I found the readings, videos and activities to be most valuable. It was very helpful to see the videos you produced. To read about it is important but to see it in action is essential.

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