teacher online courses in Mount Pleasant NYWhat will CLOI bring to you? Individualized, job-embedded professional learning opportunities to apply for re-licensure, move across pay scale, and/or further your literacy instruction knowledge. Commonwealth Learning Online Institute provides online professional development courses for Mount Pleasant area educators which implement New York-specific standards coupled with technology tools, research-based assessments, and best teaching practices. Our learning opportunities offer teachers, schools, and districts convenient, job-embedded access to facilitated courses five times a year, and self-paced programs with open enrollment year-round. The courses are modified to provide an individual learning experience that addresses each teacher’s specific instructional needs.


We provide convenient, 24/7 access to job-embedded courses. Our goal is to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of every teacher, school, and district.

PD for your schedule

Continuing Education can be difficult to fit into your schedule. We developed rigorous online courses with built in flexibility.

Earn graduate credit

Register to earn graduate credit through our partner institutes for our facilitated and self-paced courses.

CLOI’s Journey

In 1986, the Stratford Foundation Inc. was formed with the goal of becoming a valuable educational resource for the community. After establishing the Commonwealth Learning Center in 1988 and the Professional Training Institute in 1992, Stratford came into the 21st century in 2010 when CLOI, the Commonwealth Learning Online Institute, was formed.

Since our early days we have increased our offerings and university partners to meet the needs of educators nationwide. Today our program includes both self-paced and facilitated courses, and our credit offering institutions have expanded to include Gordon College, Westfield State University, and MidAmerica Nazarene University.

After nearly a decade, our commitment to being a valuable professional development resource for the community is stronger than ever, and we work towards this everyday by providing exceptional learning for educators across the country. 

Mount Pleasant Area Courses Offered

Below are just some of the course topics we offer our Mount Pleasant educators:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Writing Courses
  • Reading Courses
  • Comprehension Assessment
  • Text Complexity Impact
  • Keys to Literacy Courses
  • Essential Reading Skills
  • Domain Specific Vocabulary
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Core Reading Skills
  • Best Teaching Practices
  • Balancing Literacy
  • Professional Development
  • Close Reading
  • Baseline Seading
  • Developing Comprehension
  • Fluency Assessments


Explore Effective Teaching Techniques With Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI)

What is CLOI?

As you undoubtedly know, your training as a teacher does not stop the moment that you gain your degree. There will always be ingenious teaching strategies emerging which are worth exploring, which will help your students grasp concepts better and absorb more knowledge. At CLOI (Commonwealth Learning Online Institute), Mount Pleasant teachers are motivated of all levels to do their job better by offering online courses in reading and writing teaching skills. We are a non-profit independent development organization offering web based classes that you can conveniently do on your time.

Features of Commonwealth Learning Online Institute Courses for Mount Pleasant, New York Teachers

CLOI delivers 2 types of online courses, self-paced and facilitated, to give you better flexibility and to select the amount of learning perfect for you. You’re able to take as long or as little as you want proceeding through our self-paced courses, which do not have any lesson deadlines but make a professional tutor readily available to answer your queries. The more intense facilitated classes call for doing lessons week by week under the close guidance of an instructor. Regardless which sort of online course you decide on, you will get access indefinitely so you can take another look at them any time in the future.

CLOI training courses are developed expand on each previous lesson. They feature videos and practical examples to assist you to digest the teaching techniques and ignite creative ideas for presenting them to your students. Our internet courses also meet the Common Core State Standards of learning goals.

The History of Commonwealth Learning Online Institute Mount Pleasant, New York

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute was established in 2010 when it became obvious that busy educators could use a much more practical option for getting access to the courses that we at that time taught on-site. We’re a part of the Stratford Foundation Inc. that was founded in 1986 to help students spanning various ages conquer their learning difficulties, particularly reading and writing. We joined up with an educational institution who helped us form six core facilitated reading courses.

It was then that we searched for university partners to offer graduate credits that could be used by teachers. Gordon College was the first one to join, and in 2012 our initial six courses became available. Currently our universities offering graduate credits have expanded to include MidAmerica Nazarene University and Westfield State University.

All of our web based courses are accessible via a tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or other mobile device. Mount Pleasant, NY school administrators, superintendents, principals and curriculum directors have gained benefits from our online solutions. These web based courses can be used in groups or individually and no matter where you stand in your teaching professional development, you will discover that our online solutions enhance your practical knowledge and teaching skills.

More Information On Online Commonwealth Learning Online Institute Courses

We currently offer online courses both in facilitated and self-taught set-ups. Online special education and writing courses are being designed. Our training helps tutors of all grades from foundational level up through the 12th grade. The strategies for learning presented in each of the online courses will prepare your students for college and further education.

Distinctions Between Self-Paced Vs. Facilitated Courses for Educators in Mount Pleasant, New York

The facilitated format courses deliver extensive workshop training in a certain topic over a 7 week time period. A specialist, masters-level facilitator takes the students through it week by week, setting targets to meet on the completion of each lesson. Our training courses take anywhere between 50 and 70 hours to do and earn 36 PDPs or three graduate credits. The facilitated format courses occur five times per year: January, March, May, July, and September. Our self-paced online courses give far more convenience because you do them whenever you have the time. A facilitator is on hand to answer your queries by email and also does grading should you be doing the course for credits. Our self-paced web based courses commonly take anywhere between eight and 15 hours to do and participants earn 1/2 to one credit.

Course Topics in Reading

Among our current online reading courses are Instructing Phonics and Spelling, Close Reading, Integrating 5 Core Reading Skills and Building Vocabulary. They’ll teach you how to help students to grasp the interconnection between actual words on a page and the sound of the words when spoken, improve fluency, expand their vocabulary, and even more than this. Our training courses were put together by education specialists especially for teaching professionals. They feature numerous techniques which you’re able to incorporate in your classes.

Earn Graduate Credits or Mount Pleasant, NY Professional Development Points

Every facilitated format course will earn you 36 PDPs or 3 graduate credits that you can use for the advancement of your teaching career. Our self-paced courses earn a half or one credit. Further courses that are worth 2 graduate credits are in development. Credits are offered by Gordon College, MidAmerica Nazarene University and Westfield State University; you’ll get credits from whatever college you pick out. PDPs are available through Westfield State University.

Choose Online CLOI Courses For Teacher Professional Development in Mount Pleasant, New York

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute is committed to building online courses that help the teaching community ready more of their pupils for further education. Look through our latest catalog to learn which of our training courses might be right for you, or call us right now.

Online Teacher Professional Development for Mount Pleasant Educators
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Needham, MA 02494-3133


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Areas Served

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute supports clients throughout all of Mount Pleasant, New York including the following zip codes: 10504, 10510, 10514, 10532, 10570, 10591, 10594, 10595. Click here to return to our NY service area page.

Teacher Testimonial

In my opinion creating a comprehensive vocabulary plan for my classroom was the most valuable. I also really learned about and have a better understanding of tier two words which is essential to the Common Core standards.