Classroom Tip: Reading Fluently to Improve Comprehension

As end of year testing approaches, students are asked to read passages with fluency and comprehension. The Common Core state Standards (CCSS) for informational text requires students to master specific skills.  Click here to review the Informational Reading CCSS for 5th grade.

Student Strategies

Students must be able to read nonfiction passages silently and fluently when taking standardized tests.  Fluency is critical for comprehending each important fact in the text.  Below is a list of strategies for students to employ while taking assessments:

  • Read each question carefully.  Use 2 fingers to track underneath the words, so that you see and read each word.
  • Underline any boldfaced words.  They are important!  The test maker gives you that clue by writing them in bold font.
  • If a list of items is given, underline and write a number above each one.  (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).  This will help your brain remember how many items or points there are.
  • Use your hand to cover the text below the line you are reading.  This allows your eyes and brain to focus on one line at a time.
  • Read each question before writing anything.  Questions could relate to one another.  Circle important task words such as explain, compare, or support.  If the question asks for 3 reasons circle the number 3.
  • As you write your response, re-read the question.  Read your completed answer and make sure you have answered the question.  If you were asked for 3 reasons, did you write 3 reasons?

Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI) offers an excellent course titled, Developing Comprehension with the Common Core state Standards.

Additional Resources for Reading Fluently to Improve Comprehension

Click the link to find Reading Comprehension worksheets to practice comprehension and fluency, which are essential building blocks for academic success.  Reading worksheets and  Reading comprehension worksheets.  Both links listed cover a variety of reading topics that will engage students.

Bonnie Terry’s Improving Reading Fluency with 5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills is a great book for all grade levels that provides an effective approach to improve reading fluency. This is a highly suggested guide for teachers if you have students that are struggling to read. Click the link to watch a quick video of how reading drills can improve reading fluency. https://www.bonnieterrylearning.com/video/improve-reading-fluency-5-minutes-better-reading-skills/

Check out how much fun the kids have and just how simple it is in Celena Marie’s Video. Click here https://youtu.be/kX6W8jl37ko