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Nancy Duggan is the Executive Director of Decoding Dyslexia Massachusetts. She is a licensed school counselor who combines her previous experience and knowledge as a school administrator of 504 and IEP plans with her training in structured literacy and experience as a parent of a child with dyslexia to improve outcomes for all children.  She believes advocating for awareness is a start, but informing parents and teachers of the interactions between legally defined and required standards and the needs of struggling readers based on effective interventions is an important step that helps make a difference in outcomes.

Nancy holds an MA in School Counseling including course work in cognitive psychology, assessments, neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • 2018 -2019 serves as a state appointed member of the committee to review Subject Matter Knowledge Standards for the MA licensure for Reading Specialist
  • 2019 appointed to the State Early Literacy Expert Panel for Massachusetts
  • Member of the National Center for Improving Literacy advisory board. She is also the
  • 2018 recipient of Alice H. Garside Award from the Massachusetts Chapter of IDA


  • Feb. 2019, McSwiney Center for Professional Learning / EDCO Collaborative, Screening for Dyslexia and other reading disabilities: The WHY, WHEN, WHOM, HOW
  • The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education / Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dyslexia: A scientific approach to understanding and improving outcomes for students and families
  • Oct 2018, International Dyslexia Conference, Reading Goal Workshop – A Clear and Structured Process for Effective Reading Goals in an IEP 
  • March 2019 and 2016, Federation for Children with Special Needs Visions of Community, Reading Goals Workshop for Parents and Professionals
  • June 2018, Commonwealth Learning Online Institute (CLOI), A Guide to Reading: How to Help Children with Dyslexia Acquire this Essential Life Skill


Dyslexia: A Parent’s Journey