Spice up Spring Reading Fluency!

How do you continually keep students engaged in practicing reading fluency?

Reviewing your instructional practices

The Common Core Anchor Standards for reading stress the importance of oral reading fluency and comprehension.  Many districts schedule specific assessment times during the school year such as fall, winter, and spring.  Click here for a link to the Common Core’s Anchor Standards for Reading.  Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading

Engaging your students with a focus on reading

Teachers must be innovative and use varied methods to keep reading a priority. If you have not introduced Readers Theater activities in your instruction now is a good time.  Readers Theater will help reengage your students in practicing reading fluency.

Students need to hear fluent reading in order to improve their own oral reading.  Research by Young and Rasinski suggests that a student’s oral reading fluency is directly related to his silent reading comprehension.  “Students who read with expression when reading orally tend to have good comprehension when reading silently. Conversely, students who read with little or inappropriate expression during oral reading are more likely to have poor comprehension when reading silently.”  Young, C., & Rasinski, T. (2009, September). Implementing Readers Theatre as an Approach to Classroom Fluency Instruction.

Reader’s Theater plays are a fun and simple way to involve your students in reading aloud.  There are many resources available online as well as in print.  The plays are easily adaptable for a whole class or small groups.  Click here for a list of plays including the number of readers needed for each.

Your students could create a few poster boards for scenery and perhaps some small props. Voila, you have a mini stage production!  Remember, the goal is for students to be engaged and excited to read their part.  Practice and repeated reading are integral steps towards their “big performance”!  This activity also encourages discussion about being a good audience member and cast member through teamwork!  Through Reader’s Theater, your students will be building classroom spirit and respect for others, which are two important goals teachers have for their students!

Readers Theater is just one of many resources offered in CLOI’s Increasing Fluency course. Our graduate course presents valuable material for all grade level teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches and speech and language pathologists.

Additional Resource for Reader’s Theater

Here is a link that provides details of how to choose a script that has natural discussion as well as scripts that will help students with literacy behaviors.

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